As a school teacher, with no children of my own, I have a lot of time to travel. My husband travels for his business so he becomes familiar with cities all over the US. Whether he’s entertaining customers or we’re enjoying a meal together, we always search for the restaurants that have the most accommodating menu, and of course, a fantastic wine list. When planning a trip to an unfamiliar US city, we typically start our research by reading wine reviews and learning which restaurants are most well known for their wine lists (especially wine by the glass so that we can try several wines). From there, we often gravitate to restaurants that have an extensive small plate menu ~ we love a long meal sharing small plates and trying multiple wines. The restaurants on this list are some of our favorites thus far. Some specialize in small plates, some have more traditionally designed menus, but all have great wine! Cheers!


Pacific Northwest

New York

Washington, DC

The South

Photo: Central Park I, NYC ~ Leah W. Meulemans Photography