The Orangerie, Chenonceau, France

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As promised – The Orangerie at Chenonceau. Another tourist location, but again, well worth a visit. Chenonceau is one of the most beautiful chateaus in the Loire Valley. The entire park surrounding the chateau is breathtaking and deserves a leisurely visit, including lunch!

The Orangerie fits perfectly in this setting. Not only is the restaurant elegant, the food is beautifully presented. We were definitely surprised by the quality of this meal and would recommend it to anyone visiting the chateau, as long as fish is an option in your diet – there are not many vegetarian options. However, we have found that with advanced notice most places will accommodate. Reservations are again encouraged, and be sure to ask for a seat on the terrace!

Vegetarian Options

  • White Asparagus with Goat Cheese Ravioli and Pesto
  • Cheese Plates

Pescatarian Options

  • Caesar Salad
  • Crab with Whipped Cream and Ice Cream of Green Peas, Lime
  • House Cured Smoked Salmon (fantastic!)
  • Mullet with Wheat and Green Pea Risotto
  • Monkfish with Paprika, Artichoke, and Asparagus
  • Fish of the Day

La Fontaine de Mars

Ahh…La Fontaine de Mars, one of my treats to myself during my solo week in Paris. Reservations are necessary, and I did not call in time to get one, however, they said if I arrived as soon as they opened they would find a place. They found a great table outside in what has become my favorite neighborhood of Paris. This is a restaurant to try something from every course on the menu. The food is so incredible that by the end you can barely walk home, but it’s totally worth it. While the menu looks as if there aren’t many options, they do have daily specials that are not listed. I chose the appetizer special and it was divine! Call well in advance to reserve your table.

Vegetarian Options:

  • Hard boiled egg with mayonnaise and vegetable
  • Steamed leeks with herbs dressing, croutons
  • Tepid porcini mushroom pâté, baby lettuce and truffle dressing
  • Veggies: French green beans, Sauteed fresh spinach, Gratin dauphinois, Mashed potatoes, Homemade french fries, Butternut purée

Pescatarian Options:

  • Grilled “Red Label” salmon, “hollandaise” sauce and spinach
  • Sea bass fillet, gravy and mashed porcini potatoes
  • Full Dover sole “meunière” with butter and lemon
  • Fish of the day

And be sure to save room for dessert! This restaurant is known for the “Floating Island – Fountain de Mars” pictured above. Délicieux!

Chai 33

I am so excited that I found this restaurant! Chai 33 has an incredible menu, at a very good price, and it totally centers around the wine cellar with over 300 selections. In fact, each table is invited to visit the cellar to choose their bottle of wine and can peruse on their own, or with the sommelier. There are three cellars in all including one that is color coded to help you choose one for your tastes, one that contains the current house favorites, and the third for the Grands Crus.  Reservations are very easy to make, although they do prefer to communicate in French.While the restaurant is a bit out of the city center it is easily accessible by the metro and has a stop very nearby. We look forward to our visit in June and will update after our meal!

Vegetarian Options

  • Beetroot Gazpacho, Coconut Milk and Almond
  • Breaded Goat Cheese with Chives, Salad Mix
  • Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus
  • Burrata Cheese and Asparagus Duo
  • Vegetarian Gyozas, Spicy Crushed Tomatoes
  • Risotto with Grilled Vegetables

Pescatarian Options

  • Salmon, Leek and Dill Clafoutis
  • Mackerel Tartare, Mango and Avocado
  • Smoked Salmon and Tuffle Taramasalata
  • Crab Cake, Thai Salad
  • 3 Fish Keftas, Curry Sauce and Green Salad
  •  Risotto with Scallops and Red Pesto
  • 3 Fish Tartare with Fries and Green Salad
  • Cod with Mashed Vitelotte Potatoes
  • Roasted Wild Sea Bass Filet with Creamy Polenta
  • Thai Soup with Large Prawns, Coriander and Vegetables
  • Mixed Raw Fish Platter
  • Half-Cooked Tuna Albacore, Fruit Chutney and Flavored Rice
  • Meuniére or Dry Fish Sole with Mashed Potatoes and Wilted Spinach

And of course a wide selection of Cheeses and Desserts!

Restaurant 1 Place Vendôme


Listed as the number 1 restaurant on the Best Restaurants Paris websiteRestaurant 1 Place Vendôme is a stylish and fashionable restaurant in the famed Hôtel de Vendôme with an elegant and expensive menu. There are a few options for pescatarians with an a la carte menu, as well as tasting menu options. The menu is updates regularly but there appears to be at least two pescatarian starter and entree options on each version. Below are sample options only.

  • Smoked bluefin tuna, hazelnut shortbread, wasabi cream and condiment
  • Snow Crab, beet root, lime and goat cheese
  • Scallops, carrots, lentils, fennel, cider mussels juice
  • Turbot fillet, new potatoes, zucchinis, common shrimp broth, kombu, lemon caviar

Click to access Carte_gatronomique_Chef_Marie_-_8_Avril_2014.pdf

Discounts and reservations available on the Best Restaurants Paris Website:

Cafe Lavinal

Dining in small towns in Europe has always been the most challenging. European menus in general are not very pescatarian friendly, and the language barrier in small towns is much more pronounced. Because, of that we have learned that research ahead of time, especially when trying to make an appointment, is key. This year, we have a long drive and need to find lunch before a 2:00 appointment at Chateau Mouton Rothschild in Bordeaux. Café Lavinal is located in the small and very unique town of Bages, only a few minutes from our appointment, and it has rave reviews as a place for “foodies”. A traditional style French Bistro with indoor and outdoor seating and wine list to match the reputation of the region. I think both vegetarians and pescatarians could find a great meal.

  • Caesar Salad
  • Salad of Warm Goat Cheese and Honey
  • Smoked salmon, lemon-flavored cream
  • Salmon tartare with dill
  • Fish soup with rouille sauce and croutons
  • Loin of hake with Spanish rice
  • Grilled fillet of sea bream, tomato roasted in olive oil
  • Penne pasta with sautéed vegetables
  • Vegetarian sides offered á la carte
  • Cheese and desserts of course!

Chez Guy

Chez Guy was recommended to us several years ago before our first trip to Burgundy. We decided not to visit – at the time our diet was even more strict, and we chose to have dinner in Beaune every night so that we wouldn’t need to drive back to the B&B after. Last year, Chez Guy was awarded the “Best of Award of Excellence” by Wine Spectator for their 46 page wine list – and since they are open for lunch I hope we can try it this summer!

The menu is small, but there are two pescatarian options for both appetizers and entrees, and of course cheese, dessert, and wine!

  • Tartare  of scallops  and cod fish with lime, mesclum
  • Perfect poached eggs à la meurette (in Burgundy wine) with buttered croutons
  • Sea bass filet “à la plancha”, roast fennel, black olive tapenade
  • Pollack fish grilled on one side, zucchinis and tomatoes, jus of shellfish