My husband and I are definitely creatures of habit. When we find something we love, we have a hard time deviating from it – including going to the same restaurant multiple times on the same trip. Gustavino Restaurant and Wine Bar is one of those restaurants, but well worth the repeat visit. Our time in Florence was limited on this trip – it was really only a starting place to reach the more remote area of the Cinque Terre. We were scheduled to be in Florence for two nights, and were on separate flights, both scheduled to arrive early the first morning. However, I had “one of those days” where everything went wrong and I arrived almost 13 hours late – so late I not only missed the whole first day, I even missed dinner and only arrived in time to go bed after a 10 hour trip turned into a 24 hour trip. Luckily, my husband arrived on time and was able to spend his day finding great things for us to do and see in our now even more limited time in Florence. One thing he discovered was Gustavino – and we returned the next night!

Gustavino is located on a quiet street in the center of Florence between the Duomo and Town Hall. This is arguably one of the best meals I had on this trip, definitely the best we had while in Italy, although all were great. Gustavino is a small restaurant with an incredible wine list of over 800 wines. The house wines (from their own winery) are not only affordable but also very good. The staff is incredibly friendly and seem to enjoy questions and interaction from their guests. The atmosphere is more modern than most restaurants of this size in Florence. If in town, this is one to consider! (reservations recommended)

Vegetarian Options

  • Mixed salad with dried fruit, Tuscan olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Parmesan style egg-plant with balsamic vinegar
  • Herb goat’s cheese mousse with honey and black pepper
  • Italian style pasta “Maccheroncini” with cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce
  • Home made pecorino cheese and pears “Tortelli” with butter, walnuts and pistachios
  • Baked smoked “ Scamorza” cheese with grilled vegetables

Pescatarian Options

  • Mussels pepper chowder
  • Little octopus salad with celery, citrus fruits and balsamic vinegar
  • Marinated salmon with salad and little buffalo’s milk mozzarella
  • Little potato dumplings with variety of fish (fillet of fish, cuttlefish, shrimps, scampi,clams and mussels)
  • Home made seabass “Ravioli” with lemon sauce (it was made with salmon when we were there and it was divine!)
  • Home made black “Tagliolini” with sea urchin and pesto sauce
  • Baked in foil seabasswith vegetables with vegetables
  • Roasted salmon fillet with caramelized carrots


  • Butter tartlet with cinnamon-scented apples and rosemary cream
  • Cheesecake with home made wild berries jam
  • Lemon cream with fresh strawberries
  • Amedei´s hot chocolat soufflé 70%
  • Selection of cheese with fruit mustard

House Wines: