I have always loved to travel and have always considered myself a “foodie.” However, when I shifted to a pescatarian diet I found that those two loves were hard to satisfy at the same time. It could be that my first travel experience as a newly proclaimed pescatarian was rural Portugal, or it could be that I hadn’t spent enough time researching what and where I would be able to eat. I don’t want to miss out on the traditional cuisine of each place I visit so I no longer let my dietary choices prohibit me from finding the food I love – I just have to be more careful with my planning. This blog started as a way for me to archive my favorite meals and restaurants as I travel, as well as a place for me to list restaurants I want to try on the trips that I am always planning. Because of this, I have not visited all of the restaurants in this blog. Many are listed here as a reference guide for myself when I am in these fabulous locations. I hope you find some ideas and I welcome your feedback on any that you have visited or would like to see added to this blog. Safe travels and healthy eating!