5 & 10 ~ Athens, GA

Being an educator has its perks – summer vacation, spring break, fall break – just to name a few. Another perk is finding a particular field of interest and being able to further your knowledge and personal growth in regards to that topic. This is what I have found in the field of creative thinking. Fortunately, the stars have aligned many times for me over the years allowing me to collaborate with one of the most renown centers for creative thinking in the US. This collaboration takes me to Athens, GA a couple of times a year and 5 & 10 is a restaurant I always visit when I’m there.

I enjoy trying new restaurants when I travel, but there are some that I always look forward to visiting. I first found 5 & 10 while reading about its chef, Hugh Acheson (Restauranteur, James Beard Award winner, author, Top Chef contestant and judge). There are plenty of options on the menu to satisfy a fantastic, relaxing, long, vegetarian/pescatarian dinner. In fact, the pasta entrée I enjoyed on this most recent trip could the best pasta dish I have ever experienced. And be sure to ask about the specials!

The eclectic wine list is another reason I love this restaurant. Not only are there bottles that you rarely see on a list but each wine has a narrative written by Hugh. We are familiar with many of the wines on the list (having visited several of the wineries) and are acquainted with a few of the winemakers. My favorite narratives from this most recent trip include “major oomphage,” when describing a wine from Mas Doix, a Priorat winery, that we visited in 2013 and have since become “American Ambassadors” for the brand, and “Limestone site+Joe Davis+age=drink up,” when describing Arcadian Syrah and the winemaker who was kind enough to open his home to us last summer.

The menu changes regularly so this is just sample menu of what is currently posted on the 5&10 website.

Vegetarian Options

  • Chickpea Hummus ~ Urfa Chili, GA Olive Oil, 5&10 Crackers
  • Carrot-Coconut Soup ~ Strained Buttermilk, Toasted Cashews, Cilantro, Urfa Chili
  • Classic Caesar ~ Romaine Hearts, Parmesan, Garlic Confit Fried Bread (request no bacon)
  • Mixed Greens ~ Asher Blue Cheese, Spiced Pecans, Apple, Shallot-Thyme Vinaigrette
  • Coddled Farm Egg ~ Asian Mustard Mix, Garlic Bread Crumbs, Garlic Bread Crumbs, Cured Egg Yolk, Cracked Black Pepper ~ pictured above (I loved this dish! Although I forgot to ask for no lardons I was able to eat around them.)
  • 5&10 Pasta Ribbons ~ Oven Dried Tomatoes, Roasted Cherry Tomato, Red Onion, Jalapeno, Parmesan Mozzarella, Basil, Arugula ~ pictured above ~ I LOVED THIS DISH!

Pescatarian Options

  • Oysters on the Half
  • Roasted Gulf Snapper ~ Carolina Gold Rice Grits, Local Mushrooms, Crisp Coppa, Dried Figs, Lemon Emulsion
  • Panko Crusted Carolina Catfish ~ Buttered Red Mule Grits, Tomato Chutney, Fennel Slaw, Vermouth Emulsion

*And of course save room for dessert! (Gâteau Basque pictured above)




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