Miller Union

Miller Union is often found on the James Beard list of nominees for their wine program. Although we live less than two hours from Atlanta we rarely spend time there, and going down just for dinner is not really an option unless we want to spend the night. While two hours is not a far drive, it’s tough after a nice dinner with great wine!

Miller Union is a restaurant that has been on my list to visit for a while. Earlier this winter I was in Atlanta visiting art galleries for a local event and found Miller Union around the corner from one of the galleries. Stumbling upon the location encouraged me to make a special effort to visit soon. Fortunately, I had a meeting to attend at the University of Georgia, about an hour and a half outside of Atlanta, so I was able to stop for lunch at Miller Union followed by a quick trip to the botanical gardens to walk off the large meal and prepare for the rest of my drive. It was a fantastic experience. The food, the service, and the wine were all impeccable. My server was able to recommend great options to accommodate my diet, he was also pescatarian, and was incredibly knowledgable about the wine. I look forward to returning with my husband one day soon!

The menu changes daily and is updated weekly online:

Vegetarian Options

Lunch Menu:

  • feta snack
  • black eyed pea & benne seed hummus, housemade lavash
  • lentil salad, seasonal vegetables, feta, sherry vinaigrette
  • cornmeal & scallion hushpuppies, spicy aioli
  • kale, escarole, apple, radish & pecan salad, shallot vinaigrette
  • winter greens salad, maple roasted acorn squash, apple, pecan, shallot vinaigrette
  • seasonal vegetable plate
  • smoked beets & grilled vidalias
  • roasted parsnips & fennel
  • sautéed mushrooms & grilled vidalias
  • sautéed local greens
  • fries

Dinner Menu:

  • feta snack
  • black eyed pea & benne seed hummus, housemade lavash
  • farm egg baked in celery cream, grilled bread
  • local lettuce, radish, beet, herb-buttermilk dressing
  • kale, escarole, apple, celery & pecan salad
  • pear, blue cheese, radicchio, watercress, walnuts
  • goat cheese & green onion tortellini, mushrooms, grilled vidalias, kohlrabi
  • seasonal vegetable plate
  • sauteed local greens
  • celery root, rutabaga, leek
  • mushrooms, kohlrabi & new vidalias
  • baby carrots, turmeric, salsa verde
  • smoked beets & grilled vidalias

Pescatarian Options

Lunch Menu:

  • carolina trout, parsnip, new vidalia, fennel, blood orange
  • littleneck clams, butter, white wine, leeks, garlic, chile, escarole

Dinner Menu:

  • seared diver scallops, rice grits, fennel, hakurei turnip, kumquat
  • wild striped bass, parsnip, new vidalia, fennel, blood orange

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