Bestial, Barcelona

A day on the beach in Barcelona is so refreshing and relaxing. A long lunch at Bestial only makes it better. Make reservations in advance and be sure to ask for a table with a view outside if preferred. Bestial is part of a larger group of restaurants throughout Spain and Mexico. I’ve visited most of their restaurants in Barcelona and enjoyed them all. It’s always great to find a group that is reliable when traveling. Bestial is one of my favorites, however. What could be better than a great lunch on the beach in Spain watching the Mediterranean? We’re still searching!

Vegetarian Options:

  • Gorgonzola cheese croquettes
  • Coca bread with tomato
  • Vegetable dips and tzatziki
  • Green salad
  • Burrata cheese and tomato
  • Tagliatelle with a mild pesto
  • Cheese ravioli, tomato and herbs
  • Quinoa, brown rice and vegetables

Pescatarian Options:

  • Breaded calamari
  • Grilled clams, tomato, basil and chili
  • Mini flatbreads topped with marinated anchovies and caramelized onions
  • Rock mussels, herbs and lemongrass
  • Steamed cockles (coconut and lime)
  • Grilled sardines, coca bread with tomato
  • Small fried fish
  • Chilled coconut soup, coriander and curry prawns
  • Tomato salad with tuna belly and onions
  • Prawn, baby squid and clam paella
  • Creamy rice with lobster
  • Black rice with cuttlefish and asparagus
  • Tuna tartare with avocado
  • Baked Santurce-style monkfish tail
  • Cod “Pil-Pil” (garlic and hot pepper sauce)
  • Grilled smoked salmon with tartare sauce
  • Grilled octopus and potatoes with cayenne pepper oil
  • Baked wild fish with potatoes

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