La Fontaine de Mars

Ahh…La Fontaine de Mars, one of my treats to myself during my solo week in Paris. Reservations are necessary, and I did not call in time to get one, however, they said if I arrived as soon as they opened they would find a place. They found a great table outside in what has become my favorite neighborhood of Paris. This is a restaurant to try something from every course on the menu. The food is so incredible that by the end you can barely walk home, but it’s totally worth it. While the menu looks as if there aren’t many options, they do have daily specials that are not listed. I chose the appetizer special and it was divine! Call well in advance to reserve your table.

Vegetarian Options:

  • Hard boiled egg with mayonnaise and vegetable
  • Steamed leeks with herbs dressing, croutons
  • Tepid porcini mushroom pâté, baby lettuce and truffle dressing
  • Veggies: French green beans, Sauteed fresh spinach, Gratin dauphinois, Mashed potatoes, Homemade french fries, Butternut purée

Pescatarian Options:

  • Grilled “Red Label” salmon, “hollandaise” sauce and spinach
  • Sea bass fillet, gravy and mashed porcini potatoes
  • Full Dover sole “meunière” with butter and lemon
  • Fish of the day

And be sure to save room for dessert! This restaurant is known for the “Floating Island – Fountain de Mars” pictured above. Délicieux!

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