Restaurant 1 Place Vendôme


Listed as the number 1 restaurant on the Best Restaurants Paris websiteRestaurant 1 Place Vendôme is a stylish and fashionable restaurant in the famed Hôtel de Vendôme with an elegant and expensive menu. There are a few options for pescatarians with an a la carte menu, as well as tasting menu options. The menu is updates regularly but there appears to be at least two pescatarian starter and entree options on each version. Below are sample options only.

  • Smoked bluefin tuna, hazelnut shortbread, wasabi cream and condiment
  • Snow Crab, beet root, lime and goat cheese
  • Scallops, carrots, lentils, fennel, cider mussels juice
  • Turbot fillet, new potatoes, zucchinis, common shrimp broth, kombu, lemon caviar

Click to access Carte_gatronomique_Chef_Marie_-_8_Avril_2014.pdf

Discounts and reservations available on the Best Restaurants Paris Website:

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