Monvinic is not only my favorite restaurant in Barcelona, but is my favorite restaurant thus far. The ultra modern design is only one way this unique restaurant distinguishes itself. The primary difference, however, is the intense focus on wine. Monvinic is a restaurant second and a wine center first. Instead of using wine to complement food, the food is created to compliment the wine. The restaurant has very limited hours and only one seating a night, Monday through Friday, with a few lunch options. While dinner in Barcelona usually starts after 9:30 p.m., we like to start at Monvinic as soon as they open the doors at 8:00 so that we can enjoy a few hours before they begin to wrap up at 11:00. Reservations are required and I encourage you to make them well in advance.

Monvinic is a research center for those who study wine. There are a few study rooms that line one side of the space with books and bottles lining the walls. The glass enclosed wine cellar is very well stocked and the wine list is presented on an electronic tablet viewable by varietal, country, region, and more. The by the glass list changes throughout the night as the waitstaff, all of whom are sommeliers, decide which bottles to open next – as one bottle is finished they choose a new one. My recommendation is to enjoy by the glass, or I prefer half pours, so that you can taste a variety of wines. Your server will perfectly pair your dish with your next glass and will time your meal on how quickly, or slowly, you consume your wine. On some visits I stick with only Spanish wines, on others I leave it all to the recommendation of the staff.

The dinner menu is projected on the wall. One side of the projection is in Catalon, the other side rotates between Spanish and English. The menu is somewhat limited, however, I have never struggled to find a complete 3-4 course meal. There are always a few seafood options, after all, you are only a few blocks from the Mediterranean. Some of my favorites include the egg and truffle small plate, the morels with cream sauce, and all of the fish that I have had is perfect.

Between every course you will be served an amuse-bouche. Many of these are not vegetarian friendly, blood sausage seems to be a favorite here, however, if you notify your server of your dietary preferences they will make sure you are well informed of all the ingredients. Although the meals is large, be sure to save room for dessert and coffee!

Also be sure to check the website for events during the dates you will be in Barcelona. On my last visit I was able to get reservations for a blind Grenache tasting that was truly spectacular. These are all in Spanish, however you can usually find someone to help translate the bits that you can’t figure out on your own.

Monvinic tasting 1   Monvinic Tasting


*Photos taken at Monvinic

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