Willi’s Wine Bar and Macéo Restaurant

Willi’s Wine Bar and Macéo Restaurant are sister and neighboring establishments – as you will see frequently in Paris. Not only do they offer small plate and regular menu items that will satisfy the vegetarian and pescatarian diet, but they also offer a vegetarian menu – including tofu! Stop in Willi’s wine bar for small plates and great wine, or have dinner at Macéo. And – it’s only a 10 minute walk from the Louvre!

Willi’s Wine Bar

  • A salad of green asparagus with shaved parmesan
  • fresh crab cakes, sweet and sour sauce
  • warm artichoke and pepper salad, poached organic egg with flavors of wood
  • Cream of Jerusalem artichokes, feta cheese, green olives & rosemary
  • Tails grilled ‘salt & pepper’ prawns, diced basi
  • variety of cheese and dessert plates

Macéo Restaurant

  • Butternut velouté with truffle oil
  • Organic poached egg, mesclun & green beans salad
  • Green thaï vegetable curry & coconut milk
  • Vegetable cromesquis, coriander mayonnaise
  • Sweet spiced tofu steak, oyster mushrooms, lemon grass
  • Marinated prawns in kanafeh, mango salsa & chili
  • Scallops from Erquy, carrot purée & jus
  • Scotish ‘Label Rouge’ salmon façon maki, citrus & coriander salad
  • Variety of cheese and dessert plates

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