Un Dimanche à Paris

Could it be true? A restaurant that includes chocolate in every item on the menu – and it has vegetarian options – and is only a 15 minute walk from my apartment? I may never return home!

Un Dimanche à Paris is just that – a speciality restaurant that focuses on chocolate. The restaurant space is bright and luxurious, while the boutique offers a selection of chocolates and pastries to go. And of course there are wine pairings!

  • Raw & cooked Autumn mushrooms, arugula salad with egg and old “Comté” cheese, cocoa bread crisps (vegetarian)
  • Cod fish with cocoa, shellfish and saffron juice, shrimp and warm vegetables salad
  • Lobster maki and aspic of crab, dressing passion cocoa
  • Stuffed pasta Conchiglioni of spinaches and ricotta, emulsion juice of hazelnuts and blond chocolate (vegetarian)
  • Lacquered Scottish salmon, seasonal vegetables tagliatelle with cocoa nibs 
  • Prawns with cocoa nibs, pineapple candied with spices, creamy risotto with coconut milk
  • Grilled scallops, potatoes gnocchi with cocoa
  • Of course a great variety of desserts!

Brunch Options:

  • Spinach, Ricotta and hazelnuts omelette Marinated salmon
  • Mushrooms and Cheese omelette
  • Salmon rillettes, with herbs and cocoa bread chips
  • Artichokes cream, mushrooms and truffle oil
  • Prawns and pineapple Skewered
  • a variety of bread with spreads and yogurt


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