Update: We loved Frenchie! In fact, I ended up going twice during my stay in Paris and we look forward to spending one of our three nights in Paris there this fall. Both times we enjoyed the wine bar side with small plates and a casual, hip atmosphere. Space is very limited and there is always a line outside the door before they even open, so go early or plan on waiting a while for a seat. Unless you have enough people in your party to fill a table, you will be seated with others in order to maximize space. The food was fantastic and we loved sitting by the kitchen window watching them prepare the food. Of course the wine list is amazing – basically you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a laid back evening.

If you’re wanting a more formal dinner setting, there is an option to enjoy dinner in the restaurant. Since we’ve visited, Frenchie has undergone a transformation so we look forward to seeing the changes when we are back. However, when we were there reservations were required for the restaurant and not accepted for the wine bar. If you’re looking for the more formal dining experience I encourage you to make reservations well in advance and discuss dietary restrictions. And be sure to be on time! There were two seatings for dinner and you are expected to arrive on time. In fact, restaurant dinner seats were offered to those standing in line for the wine bar when the expected guests did not arrive for their reservations within 15 minutes of their designated time – this is also a great way to get a spot at the dinner table if you were unable to secure a reservation! Enjoy!


Frenchie is at the top of my list for Paris this summer.  The tasting menu often has a seafood option for both the appetizer and main course. The bistro menu is posted on the website on a semi-regular basis, so check your options before you go.

There does not appear to be to be an a la carte menu at the bistro, however the wine bar across the tiny street does have many small plate options, including a few vegetarian options.

Frenchie Wine Bar: Most bottles of wine can be opened and served by the glass, in addition, there are great options for vegetarians and pescatarians.

  • Tagliatelle with white truffles
  • Burrata, wild mushrooms, tarragon, and grapes
  • Scallops crudo, beets, pomegranate, horseradish
  • Ricotta tortelli, butternut squash, amaretti biscuit
  • Sole from l’Ile d’Yeu à la grenobloise
  • Smoked cutlefish coleslaw, carrots, pine nuts, Kalamata olives
  • Monkfish, spaghetti squash, walnut, vin jaune
  • Great cheese and dessert options

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